Engaging Bible Stories for Kids

Pick any language - The link takes you to accurate Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, beautiful color illustrations with simple text in English.

(To select another language, click here and scroll down).

This is a great resource for children as well as adult Bible studies. Wonderful for missionaries, Sunday School teachers, parents, and personal use.

Children (and adults too!) ask Big Questions, like "Who Made God?" "How Old is He?" "If God is Love, Why Did He Make Hell?" - and many more.

This fun video produced by Millie shows the amazing process of how hot air balloons are prepared for the fire so they can fly. As we watched and recorded, we saw so many similarities to how God prepares us to "fly" in His Kingdom. Enjoy the fun.

This musical video of Yosemite National Park, also by Millie, shows God's majestic and beautiful creation. Join us as we worship God in Yosemite.